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Ok, startups are never easy. Building a startup is one of the hardest (and most impactful) things you can do.But you don’t need to play on hard mode.When we went from having an idea to raising a $10 million Series A from a16z for my last startup in 1 year, it was the community around me and mentors I’d met that helped me rise to the challenge and held me accountable.But most founders don’t have that and the founder journey can be very lonely — so that’s why I built this membership.Inside you’ll find countless resources, form authentic relationships with new founder friends, and simply level up as a founder to give your startup the best chance of success.

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Startups are hard. And often stressful. When you put something under stress…Fragile things break.Robust things don’t.But antifragile things actually get stronger.Being antifragile is a uniquely good way to describe a founder.Not only do we need to be resilient against the odds, but we actively run towards the hardest problems to solve. We embrace challenges and grow stronger with each one we face — regardless of whether we succeed or fail.Our mission is to become and remain antifragile founders, with each other's help.

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Any members looking to raise from investors get priority consideration for our monthly emails that go out to 1,200+ VCs and angels from my network, and a whole lot more…

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Join an engaged community of hundreds of founders sharing tips on growth, leadership, fundraising, finding product-market fit and a lot more.Our members range from founders backed by Y Combinator to scrappy, bootstrapped founders all around the world.Not all our members raise money, but the ones that do have collectively raised over $500 million.


Let me and other experts in our network go deep with you on working through hard problems your startup’s facing:→ Weekly office hours
→ Quarterly 1:1 sessions
With more coming soon:
→ Reach out via our mentor network
→ Get matched to a 1:1 mentor or coach
→ Curated peer groups led by an executive coach

#OBT Accountability Challenge

OBT stands for One Big Thing.Each month members can set ONE ambitious goal publicly within the community and commit to sharing a daily update with the group.A random member who hits their goal gets a shoutout across my social channels (150,000+ reach).OBT helps you stay focused on your north star and not get distracted by small fires.

Founder School

Get all our courses, playbooks, and [soon] workshops for free.Learn the secrets seasoned founders wish they’d known sooner.It's new but here’s our Q1 course schedule:→ Set The Right Valuation (with Michael Houck)
→ Getting Acquired (with Tibo Louis-Lucas)
→ Storytelling 101 (with Robbie Crabtree)
→ Raising Your First Round (with Michael Houck + guests)


Connect and form authentic bonds with members and experts:→ IRL meetups in cities around the world
→ 2+ monthly AMAs with experts like Emil Michael, Matt McGarry, and more
And later in 2024 we'll be announcing our first annual IRL founder weekend retreat.

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Founder’s Library

We’re building the Wiki for startup founders:→ Full access to all 100+ issues of Houck’s Newsletter
→ Recordings of all past community AMAs
→ My curated founder reading list, featuring hundreds of tagged and filterable pieces of content from writers like Paul Graham, Elad Gil, and more. Updated each month.
→ [Coming soon] A library of case studies on successful (and unsuccessful) fundraises


We’ve secured over $60,000+ in discounts on tools and services that help founders build efficiently. New perks are added each month.

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I've seen every startup mistake in the book — and made a bunch of them myself.I get hands on with subscribers to help them work through complex tradeoffs and set their startups up for success.

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Yes, many founders expense membership.The goal of both the newsletter and community is directly related to your startup — it's to help you grow as a founder and build a better startup.